How Misting Works...

The principle behind misting is to create a "curtain" of mist around the perimeter of a patio cover or sitting area. As the mist flash-evaporates it will draw hot air out of the area creating a cool area. At the same time the curtain acts as a barrier to keep hot air from intruding on the cool area. These tiny water droplets quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water vapor (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to a gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount of moisture the air could absorb at the same temperature, is a crucial factor in determining cooling potential. The lower the relative humidity, the more water can be vaporized, and the more heat can be removed.


Misting Systems offer an alternative and cost-effective cooling solution for a wide variety of locations. Our systems can cool your outdoor wedding or event, restaurant terrace or home patio, fresh fruit market or wine cellar. Using thermal dynamics, misting systems become more effective the hotter and dryer it gets!


In our part of the world, keeping things moist can be complicated and expensive... Our misting systems allow you to maintain higher humidity in those areas that you need it most. Whether you need to keep fruit fresh, control evaporation in your wine cellar or enhance your greenhouse, we have a solution for you.


Remove breathable and fugitive dust around your work areas. Misting offers not only dust suppression and abatement, but also helps to prevent dust creation at the source. This application is perfect for construction sites, busy gravel roadways, stables or live stock pens.


Get rid of nuisance odours from your business or live stock areas by utilising the odour suppression and treatment properties of our misting systems. Our systems are economical and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Create a mist perimeter around areas which are prone to insect infection and lower your live stock's exposure to disease carrying insects. Custom installations are possible to suit your personal needs.


Misting systems offer a wide variety of applications and custom installations can be done on your camping trailers, caravans, large umbrellas, game viewing vehicles or perhaps you would like to create a special little corner in your garden.

Application Examples

From remote weddings and restaurants to wine cellars and construction sites.


Cooling Misting Systems
"Our Misting systems are perfect for restaurant applications. They can turn any hot day into a fun day outside for your patrons. Get a permanent installation or hire a temporary solution."

Hotels & Pool Patios

Ensure maximum comfort for your guests.
"Mystic systems can assist you in maximizing your guest's comfort and enjoyment when using your facilities."

Animal Sanitation

Suppress odours, flies & insects.
"Misting helps deter flies and insects and suppresses dust and odours."

Fresh Produce Markets

Keep produce fresh while on display.
"Misting systems can extend the shelf life of your fresh produce and enhance it's appearance."

Wine & Brandy Cellars

Better control maturation.
" Misting systems can saturate your maturation areas on command and ensure better control over these processes."

Tents & Outdoors

Keep your guets cool
"Create great atmosphere at your next summer event, with cool misting systems, Permanent installations for Venues & Temporary Options for our Stretch Tents and your events."

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